These concepts were made in the time of my bachelor concept and product development. We worked in projects, every project had the same structure faze: Input- gathering information, analysis- bringing focus, design- giving shape and presentation - the concept form. This way we could make an well-founded concept. The presentation form varied from infographic, poster, 3d render (Maya) and video.    


One of the presentation channels is video, for this I like to direct you to my YouTube account. Please follow the links giving below.   Think and switch Think and switch: student gets detention: he's into mind control. All sorts of freakishness happens. This one was my first time working with Adobe After affects. Responsible for: Acting, story, editing & effects and we all had a share in producing.   Concept video - Payment trough phone Concept for school assignment, and this also shows how to make a professional latte responsible for: Camera, editing & effects and story (co-op)   Concept 2020 - the M- line Concept for the year 2020..Get linked on the M_line and no need to drive yourself anymore! responsible for: Camera (co-op), editing & effects and story (co-op)   3-D animation A little 3-D animation done in Maya